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S L Danielson is Guest Blogging Today.

Please help me give a warm welcome to S. L. Danielson, author of M/M erotic fiction.
Thanks for blogging today. Tell us a little about your work and your latest release, Life After Math.

Hello and thank you for having me here, Dawn!

Lots of things going on in my little writing world. For one, today, March 26th my sequel to “Love by the Numbers” entitled “Life After Math” comes out with Silver Publishing. I just received edits today and am awaiting one final round before it is ready to go! Caveat with the prequel; it’s in paperback-only, but am looking to change that in about 60 days from now.

Also, I have another sequel coming out in May on the 26th entitled “Refugees”. It is the 2nd book in the “For the Heart of Phillip” saga. I may do a third, but at this time; nothing is in the works. The cover is done and it looks fantastic! Kudos to Jade, my aussie friend who spent 4 arduous hours creating just the right expressions, hair, etc. at my specific direction. Well done!

Now…finally, Ranch Hands, rather the missing Ranch Hands…where did they go? They moseyed off to the holding area since I have now been picked up by Wicked Nights Publishing and they loved both the original and the new sequel “Ranch Hands 2; Jerry’s Season”. The newly refurbed original will be out in August, and the sequel in November.

What’s your thoughts on sequels? I have seen umpteen movies that’re sequels, case in point…Die Hard. Love 1,2, and 4. 3 didn’t do it for me. Star Wars…loved 2-6, but #1 was not my fav…damn that Jar Jar!

What works for you with a sequel? Being able to pick up the story where it left off, or having to research it a bit beforehand?

In that vein: here’s a snipet from Refugees (currently with my proofreader)….

It was 9 p.m. on a warm September night. Thirty-one-year-old David Griffin pulled up in the driveway of his house. Of course, it wasn’t just his right now; he’d had his lover, Andrew Bradley-Horner, living there for some time.

He had finally come off shift from his work as a nurse in the emergency room of a nearby hospital after working a twelve-hour day. He was tired, but in a diplomatic mood to deal with his boyfriend, Andrew. It’d been a rough weekend for them after David asked Andrew to marry him and the only reply he received was Andrew vomiting on the lawn. He’d been ill all weekend.

David had done his best to nurse his lover; as did Andrew’s five-year-old daughter, Andrea. She barely left his side! There was still no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the proposal question; however. David knew why too; it was just as he’d feared this entire time. Andrew still had deep feelings for his ex-husband, Phillip. It had been an emotional breakup and Andrew came to him late at night that past February, crying, freezing, and in shock. He knew the relationship would be fraught with regret, but he dove in anyway out of sheer loneliness.

All David wanted was to have a nice, normal conversation about where they were headed as a couple. Was it over or would Andrew finally accept the marriage proposal on the table?

While all of these thoughts swirled in his mind, David noticed a blaring incongruity. Andrew’s van was gone. He glanced at the time again, 9:05 pm. He bit his lip in thought. It was rather unusual for Andrew to be out so late without letting him know. He frowned and scratched his blond hair. Maybe he’s visiting his folks. Yes, that’s it. Maybe Janet and Tyler can talk some common sense into him. Marrying me is the best choice for him.

He shrugged off his doubts, put his keys away, and exited the car. The warm evening air was rich with moisture; it would storm soon. His body had started to sweat, even in just his ensemble of scrubs. He looked over his shoulder towards the street. Something nagged at him to look in the mailbox. The day’s mail was still inside. Curious, maybe he left to get Andrea before it came. He dismissed that as well and took the mail inside.

David didn’t notice that all of the lights in the house were off, save for the garden lights, which were on their own timer. He yawned and unlocked the door. The door creaked open, revealing the pitch black house. He quickly turned on the living room light. He looked around the corner into the kitchen.

“Andy? You home? Where are ya, hon?” No answer. Hmmm, guess he did go out. I wonder if he called or left a message. He walked over to the answering machine and checked it. There were no new messages, nor was there anything left by it. His gut tightened a bit. Maybe he left a note somewhere else. His eyes darted around, turning pillows over, looking under cushions. His pace was frantic. Wait a minute, why wouldn’t he just call me? He grabbed his cell phone and checked through voicemail. Nothing.

Finally, David walked back over to the hall table in the foyer and mindlessly dropped the mail. It slid forward, upsetting an item below it. A melodic “ding” caught his attention immediately. He dove to the floor and saw the promise ring he’d so lovingly chosen for Andrew laying on the floor. The man picked up and looked suspiciously at the bauble in his hand. He clenched it in his fist. With his free hand, he rifled through the papers on the floor furiously. A mysterious sheet of notepaper caught his eye. It was a handwritten note. He skimmed it. The note itself was quite brief. He rubbed his eyes thinking it had to be a trick. He read it again.

“Dear David, I am so sorry it had to be this way. I appreciate all you did for me but I cannot be with you. I hope someday you will understand. Andrew.”

S. L. Danielson

Author of m/m erotic fiction!/profile.php?id=1173654489

Thanks for stopping by and telling us a little about your work, your thoughts on sequels and sharing for sharing the tantalizing excerpt of your upcoming release.

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